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An overview of FINCAST products in service of Foundry Industries since last 38 years.

Fincast Foundry Flux Company was incorporated in 1969 with a vision to provide Foundry Fluxes, Coatings, Foundry Resins, Ferro Alloys, Minderals for Foundry Industries to produce good quality casting.

The company has a state of the art manufacturing facility at Ahmedabad. FINCAST started with 5 products in 1969, and now produces more than 65 innovative products to serve different types of foundries backed by its consistent in-house modern R & D Division.

FINCAST is a LEADER in producing intensive products - 'touch and treat foundry operation' i.e., Melting, Moulding, Feeding and Fettling to enable foundries to produce consistent QUALITY casting.

1. Fincast Advance Hi-tech Products for C.I., S.G. Iron & Steel Casting Foundries
2. Spectrum of Advanced Foundry Resin & Binder for Mould & Core making Process
3. Fincast Products useful for Steel & Alloy Steel foundries
4. Range of Mould & Core coating for Ferrous, Non Ferrous & Steel Foundries
5. Speciality Products for melting, pouring and feeding process
6. Covering Fluxes, Degasser & Hi-Tech Diecoats for Ferrous, Non Ferrous and Steel Foundries
7. Speciality Products for Copper based Foundries
8. Exclusive SAND & Carbon Additives, Ferro Alloys, Minerals, Filters for Modern Foundry process
9. Silbond – 11 – CO2 Gas Replacement for Silicate – CO2 process
10. 'METASET' Epoxy Putties & Metal Filled Compounds
11. Modern Anti Corrosive Waterproof Coating for Casting Machineries & Plants.

Product Range

CO2 Gas Replacement Catalyst

Korset Single Part Airset Resin

Silbond 11 Co2 Catalyst

Different Foundry Additives

Corenok Powder Breakown Agent

Ramming Mass

Iron Cement

Korfixer 1 Core Jointing Paste

Fluxes For All Foundries

Finex Innoculant Cum Deoxidiser

Cupolux Desulpheriser Bricks


Ferro Alloys & Metals Export

Ferro Silicon

Ferro Silicon Manganese 6 To 8 Percent

HC And LC Ferro Manganese

Ferro Molybednum Mangnese Metal

HC And LC Ferro Chrome

Ferro Silicon Zirconium

Silicon Metal

Ferro Alluminium

Nickel Metal

Fluxes For Steel & Alloy Steel Casting Foundries

Finhott 66 Exothermic Compound

Fluxes For Aluminum

Aldegas 1 Degaser

Alfine M 21 Modifier Covering Flux

Alfine 22 Covering Flux

Alfine L 33 Modifier Flux

Fluxes For Aluminium

Aldegas 1 Degaser

Alfine 22 Covering Flux

Aldegas 2 Degaser

Alfine 66 Covering Flux

Aldegas 3 Degaser

Diecoat F 10

Diecoat G 9

Diecoat 666

Minerals And Carbon Additives

Luster Coal

Zircon Sand

Foundry Resin

Shineset Furane Resin

Liquicol Luster Coal Liquid

Amecure Phinolic Amine Resin System

Corenok Powder Breakdown Agent

Silset Silicate Binder

Partex Parting Agent

Grainofine 2 Nucleant

Mould Paste 55

Grainofine 3 Nucleant

Products For Gun Metal & Copper Based Foundries

Coverbrass Covering Flux

Zinc Fire Covering Flux For Zinc

Finbrass Covering Flux

Lead Fine Covering Flux

DE Ox Tube G1 Degaser

Mould And Core Coatings

Mould Paste 1

Mould Paste 33z

Mould Paste 55

Mould Paste WB 1

Mould Powder 22 55

Epoxy Putties And Metal Filled Compound

Anti Corrosive Water Proof Coatings